Our Current Projects

Wind turbine

Wind Turbine Noise

We have active projects concerning the measurement and prediction of wind turbine blade noise. We can translate the wind tunnel results to full-scale. we are able to design and assess noise control technology.



Airfoil Trailing Edge Noise Measurement and Control

We are world-leaders in the measurement and control of airfoil trailing edge noise. Current projects include the development of novel poro-elastic and serrated trailing edges.


Wall fan

Wall-Mounted Airfoil Noise

We have a range of projects investigating noise from airfoil-wall junctions and blade tip noise. The effect of three-dimensionality is included in our research. 



Drone Propeller Noise

We have developed new noise measurement and prediction capabilities for drone propellers. We are able to develop low-noise designs and measure their performance in our anechoic wind tunnel. Our fast-solve acoustic solver is useful for design studies. 



Marine Propeller Noise

We are workin in a number of projects that aim to understand marine propeller noise. We develop Large-Eddy-Simulations (LES) of turbulent propeller flows, including wake breakdown. We are developing novel unsteady force and noise prediction methds, including reduces order models. The effects of finite ducts are also included via a fundamental approach using transfer functions, validated by experiment.


General aeroacoustics

General Aeroacoustics

Current fundamental aeroacoustic projects:

  • The aeroacoustics of cyliners near a parallel wall.
  • Low-Mach number sub-boundary steps.
  • The aeroacoustics of wall-mounted finite cyliners.  

Hypersonic flight

Acoustic Loads in Hypersonic Engines

Our ARC Discovery Project funds research concerning th development of high-amplitude pressure fluctuations in supersonic ramjet engines. Current specific projects inlcude:

  • Acoustic loads about wall-injection into supesonic flow.
  • Entropy/vorticity spot interaction with shock waves.
  • The generation of entrophy noise in hypersonic nozzles.
  • Shock-boundary-layer interaction with flexible wall panels.

Industrial applications

Industrial Projects

Other projects with our industry partners include:

  • Application of Acoustic Diagnostics to Mining Equipment. 
  • Development of hydroacoustic measurement capabilities for Defence.
  • Beamforming arrays for industry.
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