1st Prize for Prateek Bahl in AFMS Video Competition 2020

Screenshot 2020-12-15 115558

Every two years, the AFMS (Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society) honours the best short video about the most recent research findings in the field of fluid mechanics. This year's 1st price went to Flow Noise Group's PhD candidate Prateek Bahl. He investigates the dynamics of droplets and aerosols generated by various respiratory exhalations. In his 3-minute video, he presents a method to visualize droplets expelled during various exhalations and a framework to understand their dynamics. Additionally, the results of the efficacy of different facemasks by applying these visualisation techniques are also presented in the video. 

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Bahl's research findings contribute to a better understanding of the spread of respiratory droplets, which can potentially carry pathogensYou can watch the 3-minute video here: 

Earlier this year, related research findings on the spread of droplets during singing, coughing and sneezing, in which Prateek Bahl was directly involved, were featured in two The Conversation articles:

“Which mask works best? We filmed people coughing and sneezing to find out”

“This video shows just how easily COVID-19 could spread when people sing together”